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Technology Solutions
Quality Assurance and Testing Overview
Pursuit Software helps IT organizations improve the quality of their software products. While new and improved software development tools and software engineering approaches can enable faster development, they cannot guarantee a high-quality software product. Pursuit's talented staff has extensive expertise with proven and emerging Quality Assurance (QA) technologies (tools and methodologies) as well as extensive experience applying these technologies in a broad number of businesses across a variety of industries. As a result, Pursuit has the unique ability to offer companies a technologically innovative QA solution that is also good for your business.
Key Capabilities
QA Process Improvement
QA Team Design
QA Metrics Design and Deployment
Authoring Software Requirements for Testability
Test Planning, Design and Execution
Test Automation
Defect Management
Client Impacts
Decreased testing cycle times
Increased testing coverage
Reduced recurring costs associated with regression testing
Increased early defect detection
Increased testing breadth and depth
Pursuit Software Test Automation Services
Pursuit Software specializes in helping IT organizations automate their software testing. Software test automation can produce significant timesavings, cost-savings and overall efficiencies for your organization. It can decrease your time to market, increase your test coverage and help minimize risk. The amounts and types of data that can be processed through test automation far outweigh what any manual testing efforts can accomplish. Regression testing may be accomplished in a fraction of the time it could take a manual tester to complete. Pursuit's QA engineers use our proven methodology to help you quickly achieve the value you expect from your automation tools. We will work with you to define the most cost-effective solution by helping you determine what, when and how to automate it, how to interpret the test results, and how to continually build upon the framework.
Selected Quality Assurance & Tesing Projects
Test Strategy and Process Deployment, Major Transportation Company
Security Master Application QA, Leading Financial Services Firm
Customer Warehouse Performance Tuning, Major Telecommunications Company
Automated Test Tools & Team Deployment, International Manufacturing Firm
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