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Industry Solutions
Financial Services Solutions Overview
Pursuit Software offers a full range of Information Technology (IT)-based solutions to Financial Services companies. Pursuit’s expert consultants have significant domain expertise in the key issues impacting today’s highly competitive Financial Services businesses. Whether it is compliance with new regulatory issues or rapid response to new market conditions, Pursuit’s experienced staff help bridge the gap between technology drivers and business drivers to deliver an IT solution with solid Return On Investment (ROI.)
Financial Services Industry Challenges
Pursuit Software helps Financial Services businesses discover and deploy solutions for:
Reduced Process Latency (T+1, STP)
Faster / Proactive Trade Exception Management
Increasing Asset Class Coverage
Expanding Dealing Across Regions
Money Management Business Consolidation
Compliance and Regulatory Changes - Sarbanes-Oxley
Relentless Merger and Acquisition Activity
Selected Financial Services Solutions
Enterprise IT Architecture, Major NY-based Financial Services Firm
Core Application New Development Project for Major Rating Agency
Work Flow Solution, Large Banking Corporation
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