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Technology Solutions
IT Integration Solutions Overview
Pursuit offers a broad range of solutions to help companies integrate their IT systems.
Pursuit's talented staff brings in-depth understanding of established and emerging technologies to help customers design and deploy practical, business-driven IT Integration solutions. Pursuit IT Integration solutions are based on the following principles:
Integration solutions do not come in a shrink-wrapped box
Integration Solutions should minimize hand-coding
Integration technologies are rapidly changing
Large integration projects must be rolled out incrementally
Large-scale Integration problems are inherently complex
Designing for change requires a higher initial investment
Pursuit's IT Integration solutions help businesses:
Quickly Deploy New Systems - Using IT Integration technologies and approaches to assemble vendor components with in-house components for rapid of new applications.
Leverage past IT Investments - Using advances in IT Integration technologies to enable companies to utilize the established functionality of old but reliable legacy applications rather than building applications from scratch.
Effectively Outsource Applications - The ability to integrate the outsourced components with in-house components can be critical to a successful outsourcing strategy.
Selected IT Integration Projects
Middleware Integration Solution, Major Telecommunications Company
Messaging Infrastructure, International Manufacturer
Work Flow Solution, Large Banking Corporation
Enterprise IT Architecture, Major NY-based Financial Services Firm
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